Our Commitments

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adif’s Code of Ethics

The purpose of Adif’s Code of Ethics, passed by the Board of Directors, is to formalize the expected best practices of upstandaing, responsible and transparent behaviour of all the people working in Adif, in the everyday performance of their activities and in their professional relationships.

The Code intends to translate Adif’s corporate values to wanted behaviour, taking as a starting point the organisation’s culture, the legislation applicable ot it and Adif’s commitment with corporate social responsibility.

Ethical Box

The Ethical Box is the communication channel between Adif with its interest groups and the society in general so that any person may notify possible breaches of the Code or raise their doubts or suggestions.

To make the processing of communication easier, there are two different forms:

  • Notifications form, to communicate possible breaches of Adif’s Code of Ethics.
  • Doubts and suggestions form, to raise doubts, comments or suggestions related to the Code of Ethics.

Please remember that this is not the channel for making an official complaint. For this purpose, complaints books are provided at the stations.

Conditions of Use:

  • Messages must not include offensive language.
  • Anonymous notifications will not be accepted. In the doubts or suggestions form, only the email field is obligatory, there is also the possibility of stating one’s name and surname.
  • Confidentiality is guaranteed.
  • All notifications received that comply with the established requirements will be answered.

The following form is at your disposal for notification of possible breaches of Adif’s Code of Ethics.