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This Documentation Centre has a very useful photography, video and newspaper base for users so that they may quickly access the sources of information of the Communication Department and disseminate the necessary information to better understand the communication solutions.

Catalogue of publications on sale

The following products and publications are currently on sale and may be requested to the Communication and External Relations Department.

Please do not forget to include the reference of the publication when you make your request.

“Ayer y hoy de la Línea Madrid-Córdoba-Sevilla” (Yesterday and today of the Madrid-Cordoba-Seville Line)

Book cover image


An publication of the happenings throughout one and a half centuries of the railway line that connects Madrid with Cordoba and Seville. From its birth in the middle of the XIX century through Despeñaperros to the opening of the new high-speed line in 1992. Illustrated with remarkable images.

Edited by the Adif’s Communication and External Relations Department

Text: José Luis Ordoñez

ISBN: 978-84-92441-66-2

Legal deposit: M-12579-2009

“CIRTRA 2009”

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Technical document that records railway traffic by sections. It allows us to know the characteristics of the Network managed by Adif in a reliable, systematic and useful manner. It complements other key documents of the Railway Model: The Network Statement and the Capacity Manual.

It has two volumes: Volume I: Characteristics of the Infrastructure, Structure and equipment of the sections. Volume II: Traffic and Km/train per sections.

Edited by the Adif’s Infrastructure Directorate General.

”Estaciones de España” (Spain’s Stations)

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Splendid edition on the map of Spain’s high-speed stations from an almost historic approach or as future projects. Delving into the stations through the author’s literature and an artistic exhibition of photography.

Text: Javier Fernández de Castro

Photographs: Mario Entero

ISBN: 978-84-9783-599-0

Legal deposit: B-42974-2009

Edited by Adif

I + D + I Una apuesta estratégica por la innovación tecnológica de Adif (R&D&I A strategic option for the technological innovation of Adif). (year 2010)

Book cover image

Presented as two volumes with the titles “Catálogo de Proyectos” (Project Catalogue) and “Catálogo de Activos Intangibles” (Intangible Assets Catalogue). The first shows the projects worth mentioning regarding environmental and energy efficiency, increase in the railway system’s performance and improvement of the system’s efficiency.

In the Intangible Assets Catalogue we find the result of the innovative efforts to date, considering that all the research activity being executed in many multi-annual R&D&I projects will generate many results, in the next few years, that need to be protected.

Cartografía en relieve con los perfiles de las siguientes líneas de alta velocidad (Cartography in relief with the profiles of the following high-speed lines):

Image of the line map

MADRID – BARCELONA – FORNTERA FRANCESA (Madrid – Barcelona Sections)

Ref: MapR-01-MadBna


Ref: MapR-02-MadVall


Ref: MapR-03-MadMga


Ref: MapR-04-MadLev