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Strategic plan 2006-2010

The railway is changing. New concepts of railway service are arising, new possibilities, new operating companies that will soon be familiar to all of the public, and with it more possibilities to travel and bring together destinations.

The Spanish railway is growing towards a new model with the objective of responding to the needs of today’s society.

A railway integrated in the national territory, which favours sustainable development and constitutes a public and social service. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of the public.

Adif has a leading role to play in this new situation, to invigorate the railway sector, making the method of transport of choice and facilitating access to the infrastructure under fair conditions.


Adif’s Strategic Plan tackles and defines the company’s way forward in the five-year period of 2006/2010.

In 2010 the kilometres of high performance lines managed by Adif will have doubled, covering the key routes; and we will have developed a conventional network with high standards in terms of safety, punctuality and operational efficiency, and wide national coverage that is competitive with other methods of transport for passengers and freight.

The Strategic Plan establishes long-term economic and financial equilibrium. At the end of the period of the present plan, the operating result will be positive thanks to the entrance into service of new sections of the high-speed network and the improvement in operating results of the conventional network.

  • Length of the High Performance Network in 2006
    1,150 Km
  • Length of the High Performance Network in service in 2010
    2,200 Km

Investment of over 23,400 million Euros

This is the biggest investment in infrastructures made to date in Spain.

Adif becomes the biggest investing body in the country.

  • Construction of future high performance lines
    €18,797 M
  • Freight Stations and Terminals, Fibre Optic Network, and other assets.
    €1,786 M
  • Improvements to the Conventional state-owned Network. (Investment by the State)
    €2,800 M


The Strategic Plan establishes the bases to achieve a stronger more solid organization, in order to promote competition and improve Spanish rail transport against other methods of transport.

The new framework of the railway sector demands implementation of a new functional model aimed at management excellence, and an appropriate organizational structure, which was approved by the Board of Directors on 17 February 2006 (see organisational chart).

We highlight here some of the areas in which Adif is structured to facilitate fulfilment of its mission.

  • Strategic Planning Area
    Its function will be the effective development of the network in the long term in close collaboration with the public administrations, planning of investments and the study of systems of financing.
  • Infrastructure Development Area
    It will manage the construction of the superstructure and maintenance of both conventional and high-performance networks. A specific department of technological innovation (R&D&I) will be created at its core to identify and incorporate advanced solutions, collaborating with the industrial and scientific fabric of the country. Another key element in this organization will be the management of assets to achieve optimization of the infrastructures maintenance regime.
  • Area of Major High-Speed Projects
    This area will be responsible for designing the new high performance routes, directing the basic line projects that are commissioned and their platform and supervision building projects. A specific geotechnical department will also be created to control and continually analyse underground works, especially in urban areas.
  • Divisions of the High-Speed Line
    Their mission is to manage directly execution of works on new high-performance routes. The managers of each line will undertake its performance, depending functionally on the areas of Major Projects or Infrastructure Development, depending on which phase the works are at
  • Infrastructure Operating Area
    More commercially and customer service oriented, this area groups the company’s departments that are essentially customer-based: passenger stations, Freight Terminals, Telecommunications and Energy and Traffic, which, as well as managing the regulated flow of railway traffic, assign infrastructure capacity.

Without losing sight of the fact that Adif is a public service company, it must also develop a commercial policy that provides a single-point window service for operators but that also attends to the demands and complaints of railway system customers who members of the general public.

The Strategic Plan identifies "to be socially responsible" as one of the three essential principles of company identity. Thus, Corporate Social Responsibility is incorporated in the base on which Adif’s company strategy is built.

With this Strategic Plan we take a great step towards being one of the safest and most efficient railway systems in Europe, forming the basis of an organization with a firm and decided commitment to act always by the criteria of safety, social responsibility and respect for the environment.