R+D+i activity

Offers of R+D+i collaboration

We live in a society that poses new needs that railways must respond to every day with specific high-quality, sustainable solutions that can also be assumed by the market as a new added value for the business supply generated by rail transport.

For more than ten years, ADIF has played a leading role in the technological renewal of the sector, providing the necessary resources to make the infrastructure more accessible, safer and more sustainable, and to allow operators to deploy all of their potential in it to make the railway a more competitive form of transport, achieving the highest standards of reliability and safety.



The achievements obtained have meant that Spanish railway technology has been exported to international markets, where it holds great prestige and is well received. The results are available to the industry and the markets, either through specific collaboration on innovation projects or by sharing resources with other innovative companies that would like to join the Railway Technology Centre in Malaga, offering technological services and products that may be licensed to third parties or accessing the infrastructure for tests and trials.

Ultimately, ADIF is a public business entity that is committed to innovation, the environment and the industrial fabric but, above all, to the citizens, whose well-being is the aim of all of their effort.