Freight Logistics Services.


The services provided by the Logistics Services Executive Directorate are grouped in additional, complementary and auxiliary, and are subject to payment of the corresponding fees.

Numerous tracks on which several freight transport trains are parked.

This service classification is established in accordance with the relationship degree that for Adif entails its request by the sector’s operators, which are:

Additional Services

  • SA-1
    Train access to the terminal.
  • SA-2
    Train expedition from the terminal.

Complementary services

  • SC-1
    Operations on the material related to train access or expedition
  • SC-2
    Exterior facilities access operations without manoeuvring vehicle.
  • SC-3
    Exterior facilities access operations with manoeuvring vehicle.
  • SC-4
    Manoeuvers in facilities without Manoeuvring vehicle.
  • SC-5
    Manoeuvers in facilities with Manoeuvring vehicle.
  • SC-6
    Intermodal transport units handling
  • SC-7
    Traction power supply
  • SC-8
    Fuel supply
  • SC-9
    Special Transportation

Auxiliary Services

  • SX-1
    Commercial invoicing.
  • SX-2
    Wagon weighing
  • SX-3
    Sand supply
  • SX-4
    Transfer of complete load in Adif’s facilities
  • SX-5
    Intermodal transport units storing
  • SX-6
    Cartage planning and Customer information
  • SX-7
    Train and/or traffic admission/dispatch under maneuvers to/from Facilities
  • SX-8
    Modifications and/or Adaptations of the Rail Infrastructure for Special Transportation

These services, cited by way of example and without limitation, will be provided through express request, without ADIF being obliged to provide them. Other benefits, not expressly related, may be subject to this type of service when agreed to between the parties.

Crane picking up a container from a train.

The definition and description of Services is found in the Declaration about the Network