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The process of deregulating telecommunications in Spain offered the Spanish railway company the chance to develop a new line of business, from 1998, transporting information in addition to passengers and goods. The railway company began its participation in the telecommunications sector, offering the market the extent of the capacity of its fiber optic network. Subsequently it undertook the necessary investment and completed a fiber optic network which extends over 12,000 Km in Backbone and 600 km in Metropolitan Rings.


The economic evolution of the business has been good. In addition to the contribution of positive margins it has equipped the railway network with a new fiber optic network at no additional costs, allowing new technological development to be incorporated for railway management and use.


Entry into this market is in accordance with the trend towards diversification, seen in big companies aiming to enter into sectors with high potential for economic development and thus, to contribute to the development of a sector, that of telecommunications, which is key both to the economy and to society.

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