Infrastructures and stations

New Action Plans for Suburban Trains

The Ministry of Public Works is making an analysis of the situation in a number of suburban train networks in Spain with the aim of improving and guaranteeing citizens rights to mobility and the territorial structure. This will be specified in Action Plans with the active participation of Adif and Renfe. The plans are available on the following links.

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Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan (PITVI 2012-2024)

Still in the process of consideration and approval, the Infrastructure, Transport and Housing Plan (PITVI 2012-2024), in addition to integrating all the policies of the Ministry of Public Works, including housing, defines the State's portfolio of public services in the area of transport.

The PITVI is based on infrastructure planning and optimisation, adapted to real needs and according to strict criteria of quality and efficiency.

The Plan presents a type of planning that is consistent with the government's economic policy, which is the instrument for achieving economic growth and job creation, and is in line with the criteria of budget consolidation. 

PITVI objectives chart

The PITVI will seek to overcome territorial inequality in the infrastructure network and will be allocated public, stable funds consolidated over time, giving priority to those investments which generate greater productive and social returns.

The PITVI is a new stage in the management and funding models, a reformulation of the present investment system, that will guarantee quality infrastructures thanks to cooperation between the public and private sectors. The Ministry of Public Works is committed to the inclusion of the corporate sector in various infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships.

In short, it drives the optimisation of infrastructure use, the improvement of competitiveness and the participation of the private sector in the investments.

Following parliamentary proceedings, it is expected to be approved around the second quarter of 2013.

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Basic principles of the PITVI

PITVI principles chart
  • Seek an integrated approach that encompasses the transport system as a whole
  • Adapt the infrastructures and the provision of services to the real demand of society, guaranteeing the mobility of all citizens through the Public Service Obligations (OSP)
  • Develop the Spanish transport networks considering their inclusion and functionality within the Trans-European Networks
  • Press ahead with the liberalisation and opening-up to the market of transport infrastructure and service management
  • Promote growing participation of the private sector in the funding and development of the transport system
  • Review and reinforce the assessment of projects and investments, incorporating cost-profit analysis mechanisms and economic and financial profitability forecasts

Action plans

Regulation, control and supervision programme

Sant Boi viaduct (Barcelona HSL)

Includes the necessary development of the regulatory function that enables the development and application of the policies established in each mode of transport.

Some of the main actions envisaged by this programme are:

  • Approval of a Transport Funding Act
  • Regulation of land transport, with the amendment of the Land Transport Planning Act (LOTT)
  • Regulation of the railway sector and effective liberalisation of passenger transport
  • Integration of Feve into Adif and Renfe
  • Stronger presence of Spain in international bodies in the transport sector
  • Setting up of the State Agency for Land Transport Safety

Service management and provision programme

Seeks to promote an efficient use of transport, with better use of the existing network and promoting the intermodal chain or the modal option that provides the greatest benefits and performance to the system under the principle of economic sustainability. 

The main actions envisaged in this programme are:

  • Streamlining of the railway service offering and analysis of loss-making lines in order to optimise the resources
  • Definition of a new model for managing freight railway services
  • New culture in the port management model
  • Support for the internationalisation of Spanish companies
  • New model for managing railway and intermodal freight terminals
  • Setting up of the Transport Observatory
  • Setting up of the Transport Portal
  • In accordance with the service portfolio offered by the authorities, the charter of transport user rights will also be established

Investment programme

The purpose of the initiatives regarding investment in new developments and capabilities envisaged in the PITVI is basically to complete the major structuring elements and itineraries of the network, reinforce the intermodal connections and provide certain strategic infrastructures, such as cross-border connections.

This area of planning will apply an intermodal approach to the investments, while cost-profit analysis mechanisms and economic, financial and social profitability forecasts will also be incorporated in order to prioritise and streamline the investments.

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