Ourense - Stations for Inland Tourism

Os Peares

Located on the Monforte-Vigo line, 26 Km from Ourense and near the town of Monforte de Lemos (Lugo).

The route of this railway section is the arterial route that penetrates into Galicia with electric lines along its whole length, unlike the Zamora - A Coruña line.

Due to its location, it is a pretty spot situated in the Sil Canyon, giving entry to the Ribeira Sacra (Holy Riverbank) and coinciding with the confluence of the Rivers Sil and Miño.

Its surroundings are a gateway open to nature where water acts as the main character. With the connection of its river channels and the peacefulness of the atmosphere it is possible to enjoy various river sports that are typical in the area; and to rest and relax...



Given the tourist interest represented by the Os Peares area, the station will have a tourist information point and its corresponding traditional bar.

The adjoining building will be devoted to circus type performances and will have a capacity for 30 people, a special area being reserved for the clown museum and another area for a workshop room. A picnic spot is also planned in the area.