Leisure and culture

Historic stations

Adif has some emblematic buildings covered by the so-called Spanish Historical Heritage (Law 16/1985). Protection and maintenance of these buildings ensures and encourages the preservation of our culture and history (and of the railway history). Being conceived as a range of assets that have to be appreciated in themselves, no limits should be established as a result of their ownership, use, age or economic value. Their value consequently lies in the appreciation and awareness that society wishes to attach to them as elements of cultural identity.

The effort involved in the maintenance and streamlining of other buildings and areas should also be stressed, and even though the latter might be less emblematic than those above, they are essential for performing and developing railway activities.

  • Fernán Núñez Palace (Madrid)
  • Almería Station
  • Aranjuez Station (Madrid)
  • Zamora Station
  • Francia Station (Barcelona)
  • Valladolid Station
  • Norte Station (Valencia)
  • Toledo Station