Railway Photography


Individuals who wish to take photographs in the private areas used by the public in Adif’s main railway stations will not need to have a previously issued permit.

Even though the photographs are taken by amateurs, reports with a main theme that is not of a railway nature or related to the railway in general will need a specific permit and can be considered professional works.

Likewise, the following situations are not considered as "amateur photography", and therefore will be understood as professional works that require express authorisation:

  • Fashion blogs, catalogues and/or editorials, books of models, actors and actresses.
  • Wedding, pre-wedding and communion reports.
  • Reports for not-for-profit social media.
  • Photographs for commercial purposes.

In the case of amateur photographs, however, the following limitations for photography are maintained:

  • In the private areas with restricted use at the stations, access to which requires possession of the relevant ticket (waiting rooms, restricted platforms, etc.), photographs may be taken with the possession of said document.
  • Photographs cannot be taken in areas where services and the carrying out of normal activities might be affected (work centres, customer service offices and ticket sale offices, etc.); as well as other restricted entry areas, as established by the Railway Act, that are associated with railway safety and operating (tracks, tunnels, control posts, etc.)
  • It is forbidden to take pictures of facilities and security staff and the facility's workers without their prior consent.
  • Finally, a tripod can be used as long as the limitations already expressed are not breached, especially those related to the safety of people and the impact on traffic and normal development of railway activity.


In the case of doing jobs for the communications media or in the case of professional work and research you can find the requirements via the corresponding menu option or from the following link: