Catenary C-350

Overhead contact line C-350 for 25 kV at 350 km /h

The overhead contact line system consists of the following parts:

  • Catenary: formed by support cable, contact wire, false support or by hanging it in"Y"and equipotential bonding.
  • Support elements: foundations, corbels, posts and porches.
  • Connection elements: disconnectors, cables.
  • Return circuit and protections.
General characteristicss
  • It is a simple polygonal cable-stayed catenary system in all profiles, vertical, with a “Y” hanger, without an arrow in the contact wire and made up of a supporter, a contact wire and equipotential hangers, mechanically compensated and suitable for running at 350 km / h.
  • It has an independent mechanical compensation system for the holder and the contact wire.
  • It is designed for power systems in 25 kV, 50 Hz, both in 1x25 kV and in 2x25 kV.
  • It uses an aerial return cable and a main return rail as traction return system.. The return cable normally used is an Aluminum –Steel LA 110 mm2 cable (94AL1 / 22ST1A), according to the UNE-EN 50182 standard..
  • Complies with the gauge dimensions in accordance with Order FOM / 1630/2015, of July 14, approving the"Railway Gauge Instruction".
Typology of conductors adopted for the C-350 overhead contact line
  • Sustainer: 95 mm2 Copper Cable. C 95 UNE 207 015: 2013.

  • Contact wire: Cu Mg 0.5 BC-150 mm2 UNE-EN 50149: 2012.

  • 16 mm2 Bronze II Suspension Cables.

  • Suspension cable in"Y"(false support) of Bronze II of 35 mm2.

Geometric characteristicss
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In tunnels or in cases of double or triple corbels, the"Y"hanger or false support is eliminated when the distances between the different parts do not allow its assembly.