Economic and management information

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Integrated report on company activity

Since 2006, Adif has been publishing the annual Sustainability Report with the purpose of informing and involving the main stakeholders with regard to the management, results and impacts (materiality analysis), considering all areas of our business activity, as well as the following dimensions: economics, corporate governance, social and environmental information. This document reflects social, economic and environmental data, as well as the main milestones of the management carried out in each fiscal year, highlighting the most salient lines of the business strategy within the framework of the corresponding Strategic Plans. The report is prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines, GRI, in their respective updated annual versions.

In 2017, Adif opted to present the Integrated Management Report, including the non-financial information statement, subject to the same criteria for approval, filing and publication as the Management Report. The publication is released annually and is based on reinforcing the relationship of trust with the stakeholders on whom the entity's activity impacts.

Through these reports the Company aims to not only be accountable in relation to its legal obligations, but also to offer the results of those commitments it has voluntarily undertaken with its various stakeholders.

Additional information:

The Annual Integrated Management Report is available at the following link. Through this you can learn all the details of its contents.

Management reports: Annual accounts and auditing reports

Trains-kilometer. Passengers boarding and alighting

Adif and Adif Alta Velocidad networks.

In this section we will periodically report on two main operational indicators: rail traffic trends, measured as trains per kilometer (use of the railway line by a train over one kilometer) - monthly and cumulative comparison - as well as the cumulative variation in passengers boarding and alighting at Adif and Adif-AV stations.