Economic and management information

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Integrated report on company activity

Since 2006, Adif has published the Sustainability Report annually in order to inform and involve the main stakeholders about its management, results and impacts (material analysis), considering all areas of our business activity, as well as the dimensions: economic, corporate governance, social and environmental. In this document, social, economic and environmental data are reflected, as well as the main milestones of the management carried out in each year, highlighting the most relevant lines of the business strategy within the framework of the corresponding Strategic Plans. The report is carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative Guide, GRI, in its respective updated annual versions.

In 2017, Adif opted for the submission of the Integrated Management Report, including the statement of non-financial information, subject to the same approval, deposit and publication criteria as the Management Report. The periodicity of the publication is annual and is based on reinforcing the relationship of trust with the interest groups on which the activity of the entity has an impact.

Through these reports the Company aims to not only be accountable in relation to its legal obligations, but also to offer the results of those commitments it has voluntarily undertaken with its various stakeholders.

Additional information:
Any additional information, in relation to the Status of the Non-Financial Information of the Management Report, can be requested from the Sub-Directorate of Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability and Brand, via email.You can also send suggestions and remarks to this e-mail address in order to improve future editions of the Report.

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