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Administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias.
Transforma Chamartín en referente de la movilidad de futuro

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Railway infrastructure manager (Administrador de infraestructuras ferroviarias; Adif)
To facilitate people's relations with the Administration, the ADIF Electronic Headquarters has been created, where you can carry out procedures and check the status of your files without having to go to the offices, thus eliminating unnecessary waiting and queues.

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We are ready to provide a solid and effective response to the global strategic, operational and business challenges that arise in the next decade.
We guide our management through dialogue with all stakeholders (railway users, railway operators, citizens, taxpayers, suppliers, investors, employees, etc.), to achieve a safe, efficient and sustainable railway system.
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We are a public business entity associated with the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda that plays a main role as a catalyst for the railway sector, making the railway the means of transport par excellence and facilitating access to infrastructure on equal terms.