Railway Operators

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Deregulation and operators
The deregulation of the railway sector has led to the different operators gaining access to the General Interest Railway Network (REFIG). The first step has been to make it available for freight traffic, to be subsequently extended to passengers.

Deregulation of the Freight Railway Sector

ADIF has contributed to the Freight Rail Sector Deregulation process through two main actions:

  • By boosting the issuance of the reports to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda required to grant railway companies Licences and Authorisations to operate on the General Interest Rail Network (Red Ferroviaria de Interés General; REFIG).
  • By reducing the legal deadlines for authorisations to connect sidings to the General Interest Railway Network (REFIG).

Granting of Licences, Authorisations and Safety Certificates.

The Network Managed by ADIF allows free access to railway companies in possession of a Licence/Authorisation to run international or domestic rail freight transport.

As of this date, the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has granted the railway company licences and Authorisations, in order of seniority, listed in the following information, as well as the safety certificates listed therein.

Authorisations for connecting sidings to the REFIG

List of companies with privately owned railway infrastructures authorised to connect to the General Interest Railway Network, location of the connections, activity and dates of authorisation.