Technical Standards

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Drafting and approval of Technical Standards
The various European railway authorities have standards documents, which are used to approve railway products and as a technical basis for supply, works or service contracts.

The procedure available at the following link regulates the drafting, approval, repeal, modification, recodification and publication of the different standards documents through the Adif and Adif-Alta Velocidad Standards Committee, generating a single framework applicable to the execution, assembly and maintenance of Railway Infrastructure and Facilities.

Consultation phase

The aforementioned procedure, preserving the principles of transparency, universal accessibility and equal treatment, in its Chapter 6.2 "Description of the phases of the process. Phase 40 Consultation phase" establishes a 30-day external consultation phase for those documents that so require.

This external consultation phase is formalised through the publication of the corresponding drafts on this website.


During the stipulated period, in order to send comments on the draft(s), the PDF form must be completed and scanned, and attached via the mailbox shown below:
Mailbox where to send comments
Receipt of notifications concerning open consultation phases of Adif's technical standards

Adif does not assume any commitment to third parties in relation to these notifications. Adif only guarantees the principle of transparency through its publishing of the drafts in the consultation phase on

Database Access

To ensure the principles of transparency, universal accessibility and equal treatment required by current legislation, Adif provides interested parties with access to a database containing all current and historical technical documentation. 
This database contains technical specifications on conditions for products to be installed on the track, and standards that include guidelines for the design, construction, operation or maintenance of all railway subsystems.

Access to Adif's Price Base and Adif's Statement of Specific Technical Requirements

The Adif Price Base (APB) integrates the prices of work units, which serve as a reference for the development of projects, works and maintenance of the General Interest Railway Network managed by Adif and Adif AV in the different railway specialties.
From this app, any person, whether they belong to Adif and Adif AV, as well as any interested party external to the two organisations, can view the prices of all the units that make up the Adif Price Base, thus promoting the principles of transparency, free competition and equal treatment.
Adif's Statement of Specific Technical Requirements (SSTR) accompanies the work units, providing general information on each of them in terms of their description, implementation conditions, measurement and payment. These specifications are to be specific for each project.
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Checks for ETCS and GSM-R compatibility

These documents respond to the requirements of COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2019/776 of 16 May, 2019, according to which Infrastructure Managers, with the support of the ETCS and GSM-R providers for their network, had to submit to the European Railway Agency, by 16 January, 2020, at the latest, the definition of the necessary checks on their network of the technical compatibility between ETCS and on-board voice or data radio (GSM-R) equipment and the trackside parts of the CMS subsystems.