Environment and Sustainability

Circular economy

Adif has helped draft the Spanish Circular Economy Strategy, Spain Circular 2030, prepared by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, contributing with 6 initiatives in the following areas: Consumption, Waste Management, Secondary Commodities Market and Employment and Training.

Adif has contributed to the 2021-2023 st Circular Economy Action Plan with the following initiatives:

  • Catalog of environmental and social criteria for contracts in matters of railway infrastructures. The aim of this catalog is to make it easier to incorporate these criteria into Adif's contracting processes to promote the Circular Economy and Green Public Procurement principles in a transversal manner.

  • "Ecomilla" project: a commitment to sustainable mobility in urban environments whose objective is to facilitate the traveler's door-to-door journey (from the point of origin to the railway station and from there to the destination point) by using an efficient means of transport that generates zero or very low emissions.

  • Effective management of surplus land from railway infrastructure works to favor the environmental recovery of degraded environments or to reuse this in other works.

  • Measures to increase the reuse of topsoil for landscape restoration and integration as a consequence of railway works.

  • Promoting the use of sustainable materials and sustainable management techniques in railway stations.

  • Comprehensive program for the social recovery of disused railway assets, generating value through entrepreneurship or public service projects.