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As a public business entity, we have made a commitment to the public that our results and impacts will contribute, to the greatest extent possible, to improving people's lives.That is our ultimate goal and our fundamental commitment: to work every day, as managers and administrators of the railway network, so as to help improve people's lives and the relationship with all of you. This commitment necessarily included our website.

The website shows what we are, what we do and what we offer. However, because we wanted to achieve this in an agile way we emptied this showcase in order to redo it, make it more dynamic and provide access through it to a vast array of content.

We invite you to embark on this new journey inside Adif, to browse some new pages we have added, starting with the "Statement on the Network" — which details the characteristics of the infrastructure and contains information on the conditions for accessing it — and continuing with the gallery of images, in addition to the services that can be found in stations or real time information on railway traffic, among many other items.

We want to bring all of Adif to our visitors. Therefore, we are making available not only the classic navigation menu and home page but also pages where individuals, as well as companies and institutions, can more easily locate what they are looking for. The interests of these two types of users are usually different, and we intend for both of them to be able to access information with the fewest number of clicks posssible.

Our website has provided excellent service for nearly 15 years, but it needed to be adapted to the requirements of a digital transformation that is now a reality, to new devices and to the greater requirements of those of you who come here looking for information on our pages.

We appreciate your trust and we present you a new website that is capable of adapting to the needs of the public and that, thanks to its capacity to evolve, offers the services that we will be required to provide in the future.