System of continuous auscultation and assessment of the railway track-bed using geo-radar.

SAEC is a predictive maintenance system that allows:

  • Knowing the state of the ballast bench and the railway platform.
  • Evaluating the behavior and evolution of the platform due to the operation of the network itself and the action of maintenance work.
SAEC can be used as:
  • System to identify and delimit problematic points or sections that present:
    • Moisture accumulation
    • Anomalous balast thicknesses
    • Fine contamination
    • Existence of gaps under the road or settlement points
  • Platform reception tool in the construction of a new railway line, or after the renovation of an existing infrastructure.
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SAEC will allow a more efficient planning of maintenance operations, saving on costs and execution time.

High performance system capable of taking auscultation data at speeds of 80 to 100 km / h. The automation of the platform auscultation process through a non-invasive technique allows to drastically reduce the costs of the operation.
The SAEC system consists of:
  • On-board sensors in monitoring vehicle or maintenance machine: 3D geo-radar, optical and infrared cameras, and odometry and GPS positioning system.
  • Smart-collector: synchronization system between auscultation sensors, pre-processing and auscultation data storage.
  • Data visualization and analysis system:After processing, the auscultation data is loaded into its own database (compatible with other databases) and can be viewed on the web..