CAD application for the design and layout of electrified lines, gates and points.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) application.

This application allows:

  • Graphically represent any type of railway route.
  • Model the overhead line of contact for the tracks of the designed layout.
  • Calculate and validate the necessary structures to support the overhead contact lines modeled on the layout.

As a complement to the SIRTE application, there is the SIA module that allows the simulation of the interaction between the pantograph and the catenary along a specified path or in a designed needle change.

The user can indicate weather conditions, data on the thrust of the pantograph, wear of wires, movement of the structures that support the catenary and rocking or movements produced by the train.

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General characteristics:

  • SIRTE has a database with all the elements involved in the track infrastructure, the overhead contact line and the power supply.
  • SIRTE generates a complete Report of the structure designed and calculated, with the construction pieces selected and validated.
Simulation of the electrical calculation in direct current installations

SYCE is an application that allows to carry out the dimensioning, simulation and electrical study of railway installations powered by direct current.

SYCE shows the state of the electrical circuit, voltage drops, energy supplied, energy consumed by the trains, temperature of the conductors, etc..

SYCE is a visual tool that allows you to operate with existing infrastructure or create new infrastructure quickly and efficiently. Shows the elements of the infrastructure in schematic mode, georeferenced, as well as the equivalent electrical circuit.

Obtain fully descriptive results, through graphs and tables, and produce reports automatically.

SYCE enables simulations of:

  • CTC 600V rated voltage.
  • CTC Nominal voltage 750V.
  • CTC Nominal voltage of 1,500V.
  • CTC 3,000V nominal voltage.