Traveler information and services

Elcano is a platform that facilitates the management of information in a complete railway network and allows this information to be distributed in real time to its travelers, from before they start their journey until they arrive at their destination.

It allows, in a simple way, the management of railway traffic information, the monitoring of the announcement systems and the station control systems as well as controlling the distribution of the information to the passenger. This makes it possible to increase the quality of the service offered and the quality of the information provided throughout the network of stations.

Elcano Rail

Elcano Rail monitors the position and status of the circulations based on railway planning and the information obtained in real time from the regulation and signaling systems.

Elcano Rail, provides information on the complete ADIF network, high speed and conventional network.



Elcano Info

Elcano Info is the system that informs travelers at stations through the public address system and visual devices (panels, videowalls and monitors).

Elcano Info, is currently providing service in more than 340 stations.




Elcano View

Elcano View is the system that visualizes in real time the status of the network elements, the position and the status of the circulations, in georeferenced maps and in detailed synoptics.

Elcano View, provides detailed information on the status of the infrastructure and the position of the circulations on the conventional and high-speed network.



Elcano Near

Elcano Near allows reporting of upcoming train movements on monitors that can be displayed in shopping centres, hotels, airports. You only have to have an internet access.

Elcano Near, with devices in the main Spanish airports.



Elcano APP

Elcano APP puts at your fingertips, on your mobile, all the information on the state of the network and the circulations, allowing consultations on demand to the user as well as making subscriptions on a train or route between two stations.

Elcano App, with more than 30,000 active / daily users.



Elcano Domo

Elcano Domo improves the management and use of station systems (lighting, air conditioning, etc.). Use the information from the steps of the circulation through the station to optimize the use of these systems.

Elcano Domo, monitors and controls more than 1200 devices, automatically managing stations without personnel.



Product developed and marketed by:


Elcano is an Adif product developed and marketed by Elecnor Deimos


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