Container Handling Crane

Container handling crane

The present invention refers to a crane for handling containers. In particular, the invention refers to an accessory that can be attached to a crane that allows the handling of containers whose measurements are not standard.

It is applicable to both gantry cranes and self-propelled mobile container cranes.


The container handling crane comprises:

• a control cabin;
• a spreader comprising actuators for its movement and means of communication with the control cabin;
• at least one fin coupled to said spreader; Y
• a bayonet which, in turn, comprises a rotational locking system adapted to engage the top of a container; wherein said fin extends transversely a specified distance from the spreader.

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It allows the use of the same crane for different sizes of containers, thus speeding up container movement tasks.

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The crane according to the present invention comprises a mechanism for moving the fin in a direction substantially transverse to the spreader. This ability to move the fin is what allows the crane to be aligned, by means of an easy reconfiguration of the fins, to different sizes of containers, which is especially advantageous, for example, in the case of containers that have thermal insulation that increases their dimensions. Specifically, the present invention comprises two fins coupled to the spreader