Zero impact

Anti-collision bird screen on one railway line

Modelo Utilidad Nacional UNAC 201831835 Compartido con la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, FCC y Prointec

Screen to protect birds and prevent them from colliding with trains on high-speed lines.


A visual element is added to the edges of the railway platform that birds will perceive as an obstacle, correcting the trajectory in their flight path when crossing the infrastructure.
Birds will fly at a sufficient height, avoiding any collisions with fixed elements of the platform and, especially, with the trains that circulate on the line.

Due to their linear nature, railway infrastructures constitute a barrier for the movement of birds. The anti-collision screen is part of the security systems and has a dual purpose:

  • this corrective measure reduces bird mortality and the consequent environmental impact in natural spaces where there are legally protected birds or others of conservation interest.
  • it minimises risks, improving the safety and operating conditions of the lines.

Method for determining the optimal measures for protecting birds along new high-speed lines

Preparatory actions

Study and definition of the potential areas to install anti-collision bird screens.

  • Analysis and evaluation of railway sections.
  • Previous studies of bird populations, frequency, crossing and mortality.
  • Train monitoring and collision recording.
  • Analysis and evaluation of preliminary results.
  • Proposal of specific sections for the placement of screens.